Samir Thapa

Message from Samir Thapa, AHA IHMS Founding Partner & Director 

Dear Students & Coffee Lovers, 

Welcome to AHAIHMS Barista Training Academyof the American Hospitality Academy, USA 

Congratulations for choosing the International Barista Program of AHA. This is really a smart decision to pursue a career in world of Coffee Business. As you know coffee is the most loved and passionate drinks in the world. The word Coffeecomes from the Arabic language for Wine of Beansbut they are not actually beans, they are just fruit pits only. It is the second most valuable commodity after oil. The world consumes 2.25 billion cups of Coffee every day. The drinking of caffeinated coffee significantly improves the blood flow and it is most effective if it consumes between 9.30 am to 11.30am daily

Second, as the American Hospitality Academy is the Internationally recognized American Education provider institution, it is the premier hospitality management Academy established in USA thirty five years ago with the vision to skill the youth around the world for Hospitality Industry. AHA award various Certificates and Diploma programs at its various global campuses in the world

The Barista Training program is one of the strong and leading training product of AHA. AHA has witnessed the need of barista training in the Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cafes & Bar and the demand of Baristas are growing tremendously every day all over the world. The State of Art Barista facilities in Nepal and India gives enough exposure to students to deal with real guest from first day in their respective location with the confidence and strong knowledge. Similarly, students also learn and get the exposure of Barista practice in the real world by working in various coffee brands of the world

The internationally recognized Barista education, industry experts as a faculty, State of the Art facilities on AHA Global Campuses makes lots of difference in your learning process, providing you the valuable asset & competitive edge in your Barista and Hospitality career

Thank you and once again I look forward to welcoming you personally at AHA IHMS Barista Training Academy around the globe

Samir Thapa, CHE 

Founding Partner & Director