Cindi Reiman

Message from Cindi Reiman

AHA IHMS President 

Dear Students and Partners

It is my great pleasure to announce that AHA has incorporated The Barista Training Academy as a part of AHA IHMS. The two state of art schools in India and Nepal have proven that our students are eager to learn and pursue the career in the field of coffee. Without a doubt, coffee has become an integral part of the population’s everyday life and it’s amazing how we can be a part of this everevolving craft

As the coffee industry continues to grow, the knowledge and information of coffee has become more essential for coffee lovers. With the increase in demand, barista training is vital in order to serve the best to the consumers. AHA IHMS senses this need, which is why we strive to offer the best education on coffee to our students

Our AHA IHMS Barista Training Academy has developed various industrydriven, coffee operationspecific barista courses to our students, with handson trainings in our schools in order to ensure their smooth transition from the Academy to the industry. Purely based on building skills rather than the traditional theoretical approach, our courses have been approved by the industry professionals and certified barista trainers from various locations. Our students get the opportunity to learn and experience the entire process of coffeemaking and coffee operation; from plant to cup! 

I hereby personally welcome you to our Barista Training Academy, in various locations, and wish you luck in all your coffee endeavors

Best regards

Cindi Reiman 


American Hospitality Academy